Lands’ End is our exclusive vendor.


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Our Preferred School number: 900167818.


These are all of the options we will have in our uniform this year. They are not all mandatory.

1. Boys Lands’ End plaid tie (it will also come in a bow tie)

2. Girls Lands’ End navy cross tie

3. Girls plaid jumper

4. Girls plaid box pleat skirt

5. Girls navy box pleat skirt

6. Girls navy blue skort

7. Girls plaid skort

8. Boys & girls navy blue shorts

9. Boys & girls navy blue pants

10. Boys & girls V-neck button sweater – navy

11. Boys & girls V-neck vest – navy

12. Boys & girls V-neck sweater – navy

13. Girls crew neck button sweater – navy

14. Boys & girls half-zipper fleece – navy

15. Boys & girls full-zipper fleece – navy

16. Boys & girls red polo (long and short sleeve)

17. Boys & girls white polo (long and short sleeve)

18. Boys & girls white oxford shirt (long and short sleeve)

19. Girls white Peter Pan collared shirt (long and short sleeve)

20. Boys & girls t-shirt for gym – red, auction t-shirts or Run with the Saints –t-shirts

21. 6th grade gray polo



The uniform is mandatory for all Saint Joseph Catholic School students. Students who do not follow the uniform dress code will receive Dress Code Violation sheets. These sheets serve as reminders to correct the non-uniform dress. If the violations persist, a student may be required to serve a detention for the infraction.







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