Student Life

Saint Joseph Catholic School has been fostering character and Gospel values for over sixty years. All Catholic schools in the Diocese of Charleston are asked to integrate all aspects of human knowledge through subjects taught in the light of the Gospel. Saint Joseph Catholic School bases its core beliefs on Gospel values. Some of these core beliefs are supported by student life through community service projects, community service awards, and the character education program.


Catholic School Values


As stated the Saint Joseph Catholic School philosophy, “As Christians, we are called to the imitation of Jesus Christ. All children should be encouraged to develop a satisfactory sense of self, their talents and limitations and Gospel values. From this will flow a respect for all of God’s creatures and the recognition of our own personal accountability to one another and self.”


Trust and Acceptance in Catholic School


We believe that the catholic school should provide an atmosphere of acceptance, trust and love, which will help facilitate the children’s growth into citizens of a global community. It is believed that with this foundation children will be able to take full part of the world community in joyful service to others. Building character is part of every subject each day. Every classroom develops classroom rules based on respect for self and those around us. Students build character through teamwork, leadership opportunities and inter-grade collaboration.



Watch our second grade students recite the Saint Joseph Catholic School pledge:



Questions about student life?


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