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Saints Fund


What is the Saints Fund? 


The Saints Fund is our annual fund, an ongoing campaign that allows families, grandparents, faculty, alumni, friends, and parishioners the opportunity to financially assist in the school's operational well-being.  Each year, the school applies the Saints Fund monies to the area(s) of greatest need within Saint Joseph Catholic School.



How will your gift be used?



All gifts to the Saints Fund are unrestricted funds. Each year, the school advisory council, principal, and pastor determine where these dollars will be spent based on the priorities generated from their strategic planning efforts. These areas include but are not limited to campus improvements, enhancing a chosen department, providing for continued faculty development, and offering tuition assistance.  All Saints Fund proceeds remain in the school. 


Past Saints Fund gifts have been used to: hire a Campus Minister, supplement other teacher positions, buy computers, SMART boards, and new technological infrastructure, and enhance teacher training and classroom reading libraries. These funds have sustained us when emergency repairs were needed to our roof and HVAC. Tuition dollars only cover a portion of what is needed for our school to be successful. The Saints Fund bridges the gap to make our goals a reality.  



Saints Fund Gift Categories



Join our school family in praying for a successful Saints Fund. Please prayerfully consider making a Saints Fund gift.


St. Christopher:    $1 - $99

St. Catherine of Siena:    $100 - $249

St. Paul the Apostle:    $250 - $499

St. Mary:    $500 - $999

St. Francis of Assisi:    $1,000 - $4,999

St. Joseph:    $5,000+



Donations may be mailed to:

Saint Joseph Catholic School

                                                                 SAINTS FUND                                                                

3700 Devine Street

Columbia, SC 29205

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