Professional Student Award


Students at Saint Joseph Catholic School strive to utilize good character in their relationships, academics and athletics.  They are expected to adhere to the Honor Code and act in a professional manner as a student.  All students have an opportunity to be acknowledged as professional students simply by following the rubric:



Professional  Student Award (Criteria Per 9 Week Period)


Promptness - No more than one unexcused tardy for the quarter.

Attendance - No unexcused absences for the quarter.

Exemplary Behavior - No think sheets for the quarter. 

Work Ethic & Responsibility - Working to the best of one’s ability. All homework assignments are completed in a timely manner.



Students demonstrating responsibility, promptness, work ethic and exemplary behavior are acknowledged each quarter.


Questions About Professional Student Awards?

If you have any questions about the Professional Student Award feel free to contact Saint Joseph Catholic School or call 803.254.6736.