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Parent Testimonials

Why #Ichosestjoes


My husband and I choose to send our daughter to Saint Joseph because we know she is getting the best faith-centered education. Our goal as a family is to keep Jesus at the center of everything we do, and Saint Joseph School reinforces that commitment to Christ. She is not only learning the basic skills needed to succeed in life, but also reinforcing what we teach at home- how to be a good person modeled after Christ. The peace of mind knowing that we are sending her to a loving, nurturing environment is priceless. The smile that she brings home every day, the love of learning that is fueled, and the enthusiasm for her faith is the reason we chose Saint Joseph! – Sophie and Vladimir Gorrin


I chose St. Joes for the dedicated staff that know and challenge my children to develop not only as students, but as followers of Christ.  You can feel the community from the moment you step on campus.  I am proud to be a graduate and parent of St. Joes. – Dr. Laura Ledlie


I have been asked this question many times over the last three years - why did I choose St. Joseph Catholic School? I answer this question with confidence for a number of reasons.   The first reason is the kindness of the students and staff.  Since the moment I walked into St. Joseph for a tour, I felt nothing but kindness and respect from the staff.  Being a Jewish family at St. Joseph has been a great experience for my children.  The discussions we have had in our house about the differences of the Catholic religion compared to their religion have been amazing.  My children understand that even though we have different beliefs we also have many similarities.  One of my middle son’s friends told us that it doesn’t matter what religion my son is, he just likes my son for who he is.  I just had to smile.  We are all learning how to be tolerant of each other’s differences.  I also chose Saint Joseph for my children because of the education.  I feel the education my children are receiving is top notch.  I love that the teachers are always looking for new ways to teach our children.  – Rebecca Coffman


We enjoy the family environment and our children thrive at Saint Joseph. The teachers and staff are very compassionate, friendly, warm, and very knowledgeable. Our children have learned so much and we are honored that the school has such high test scores and such qualified staff. – Jennifer and David Soto


St. Joe's has been great for our Leah - good discipline, good academics, responsive teachers, safe environment, good students, emphasis on spiritual and moral values -- we like the school and its people very much. - John Monk

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