Carpool Procedures

Carpooling with other families is discouraged but not prohibited.
• All families should utilize the car line.
• SJCS will operate two (2) car lines in the morning and afternoon. Grades 2-6 will be dropped off and picked up on the blacktop loop off Blossom Street. Grades 4K-1 will be dropped off and picked up in the front loop off Devine Street. If you have multiple children in your car, go to the drop off spot for the YOUNGEST child.
• Upon arrival (7:30-8:00 a.m.), please pull to the front of the line. Roll down your window. A school employee will take each student’s temperature before they may exit the car. Any child with a temperature of 100.4 or greater is not allowed to attend school. Students will wear a mask while traveling to their classrooms.
• You should allow extra time for these procedures.
• Parents are not permitted in the building or classrooms.
• In the afternoon (3:00 p.m.), proceed to your car line (4K-1 students in front, 2-6 students in back, use the location for the youngest child in your car). A school employee will walk your student(s) to the car. Students will wear a mask during carpool. The walkup gate on Blossom Street is also a pickup option. If you are using the walkup gate, parents and students must maintain proper distancing and wear a mask as they approach the school.
• Students who ride daycare buses will meet outside the main office. A school employee will walk students to the church loop.