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Saint Joseph Advisory Council


The Advisory Council is appointed by the Pastor. Its purpose is to provide advisory guidance to the Pastor and Principal regarding school policies, procedures, finance, development, and improvements. It is also charged with implementing the Strategic Plan, developed through the Catholic Schools Management process. In addition, the Advisory Council seeks better understanding and wider support of Catholic education within the local community. It also ensures that the school and its policies follow the intent and spirit of diocesan regulations.


The Advisory Council Committees

The Council committees include Finance, Curriculum, Development, Enrollment, Communications, Catholic Identity, Facilities, and Technology. A Council member chairs each committee and committee members may include parishioners, parents or non-parishioners. In addition, the current PTO chair sits on the Council in order to facilitate communications regarding PTO goals and objectives for the year.


Advisory Council Goals:

  • Committees will assist with the School Profile Binder for the Accreditation Process and School Improvement Planning.

  • The Communications Committee will manage the quarterly newsletters, media releases and a broad range of communications from the school to parents, parishioners and the greater Columbia community.

  • The Development Committee will seek Annual Fund donations from local businesses and the St. Joseph community as well as identify and apply for grants to fund campus improvements and strengthen the financial position of the school.

  • The Curriculum Committee will evaluate the effectiveness of existing curricula and the diocesan curriculum requirements while integrating STEAM concepts and utilizing technology to broaden students’ learning experiences.

  • The Facilities Committee will identify and prioritize short and long-term improvements to the facilities with assigned budget estimates.  Improvements will begin as funds become available. 

  •  The Catholic Identity Committee will evaluate for opportunities to expand our strong Catholic identity and visibility within the Columbia community.

  • The Technology Committee will evaluate investments in technology services and hardware that will expand and enrich student learning learning.



Saint Joseph Catholic School Advisory Council 2022-2023

Appointed Positions:


Kevin Kaminski - Advisory Council President


Lauren Barron- Catholic Identity


​Carla Goff - Communications


PJ Alonzo - Curriculum

Stephanie DeFreese - Development


Bebe deTreville - Enrollment


Stephen Oliver - Facilities

Michelle Stoler - Finance


​Casey Cornwell - PTO President

Adam Sheehan - Technology


School Positions:


Rev.  Msgr.  Richard D. Harris, V.G. - Pastor

Father Wiliam Frei - Parochial Vicar

Donavan Yarnall - Principal

Diocese Representative:

William Ryan, Secretary for Education and Superintendent of Catholic Schools


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