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New Saint Joseph Catholic School Students


Interested in Saint Joseph Catholic School? Tours are conducted throughout the year. Families of children who seek admission to Saint Joseph Catholic School can visit our Inquiry Page and complete the information form. Someone from our Admissions Office will contact you. Additionally, you can contact Saint Joseph Catholic School at (803) 254-6736 with any questions or to request a tour of the school.


New Student Requirements


  • An applicant for Saint Joseph Catholic School 4 year-old kindergarten (4K) must be four years of age on or before September 1st. 

  • A new applicant for 5 year-old kindergarten (5K) must be five years of age on or before September 1st. 

  • A new applicant for first grade must be six years old on or before September 1st as required by state law.


Ready to apply?  Visit our online application page.

Click HERE for our admissions information checklist.

School Acceptance Order


After all application requirements have been completed and the application has been reviewed by the Admissions Office, students are accepted into Saint Joseph Catholic School in this order:

  • Siblings of students currently attending Saint Joseph Catholic School

  • Children of registered and regular contributing parishioners of Saint Joseph Parish

  • Children of registered and regular contributing parishioners of neighboring Catholic parishes

  • Children of non-Catholic families.

Admissions Policies


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Saint Joseph Catholic Preschool (4K and 5K)


Our preschool class has been designed to help prepare the young child to enter the school system at a level of age and maturity where the child can most benefit in an academic/social setting. Children entering 4K MUST BE TOILET TRAINED.


As children mature at varied levels and times the administration and preschool staff of Saint Joseph Catholic School pay close attention to each child's development and readiness for school. If a child appears/demonstrates that he/she is not ready for a school environment the teacher, guidance counselor and principal will meet with parents/guardians to develop a workable plan to help the child become more adapted to school life.


If by the end of the first quarter of the school year the preschool child has not adapted to the routine of school and/or the preschool program, the parents/guardians will be advised to allow the child to wait until the next school year before entering the Saint Joseph Catholic School preschool program.



Saint Joseph Catholic School Special Needs


Saint Joseph Catholic School is aware that some children have been diagnosed with special needs.  It is the parent’s/guardian’s responsibility to provide documentation to the principal from either a certified medical professional or other licensed professional such as a psychologist prior to registration regarding personal conditions which may require special services by the school. At that time the school administration and the Director of Student Support Services will determine if the needs of the student can be met within our program.  In order to be eligible for an Assistance Plan, the school must be provided a copy of the medical report or psychoeducational evaluation that was conducted to determine the diagnosis for the student. If it is known that a student requires services and the parent/guardian does not inform the school prior to enrollment, the school administration may require the student to withdraw.


If it is determined that the needs of the child can be met at our school and space is available, an Assistance Plan which offers reasonable accommodations for the student will be formulated. The parents/guardians may choose to accept the plan or choose to enroll their child at another school which offers a more in-depth program.  These cases will be evaluated on these two perspectives: the educational standards of the school and the school’s financial ability to provide the service.  In order to accommodate the needs of all students at all stages of learning, we will limit the number of students who receive these services.  This limit will vary by grade level and slots will be filled on a first come, first served basis.


Click here for more information about Exceptional SC for qualified students.





Feel free to contact Saint Joseph Catholic School at (803) 254-6736 with any questions or concerns.

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