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Saint Joseph Catholic School strives to ensure that our students’ academic experience combines traditional instruction with cutting edge teaching techniques.  We seek opportunities to engage diverse teaching strategies, as well as creative tools and technologies, in order to create an environment where children are excited about learning. If you visit our classrooms, you will see a combination of whole class instruction, small group collaboration, and one on one learning.


Special projects, small group exercises, hands-on activities, public speaking opportunities, and field trips are utilized on a regular basis to enhance the learning experience. At Saint Joseph Catholic School, our faculty members use a differentiated instructional approach, offering enrichment to those students who excel in certain subject areas, while giving extra time to those who require additional assistance. The teachers employ formative assessment strategies to ensure that they are evaluating the students’ knowledge on an on-going basis, and not just at the end of units or grading periods. Our approach to all the subject areas reflect this differentiated methodology. 


We follow the curriculum guidelines set forth by the Diocese of Charleston. Click HERE for specific information broken down by grade and subject area.


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Enrichment classes


In addition to academics, it is important for our students to have instruction in art, music, physical education, guidance, technology, and Spanish. These classes are geared toward providing children with exposure to the various disciplines and to build on basic skills that are introduced in the early years. Our goal is for our students to leave us after sixth grade with a depth and breadth of knowledge in each of these areas that prepares them for middle school and beyond.

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