Academic Support



Saint Joseph Catholic School believes that every child is unique.  We strive to help each child develop to his/her potential.  Students are given assistance in understanding their own unique learning preferences.  Teachers utilize a variety of teaching methods to engage the various learning preferences.


We endeavor to meet the needs of all learners and realize that some students have more unique challenges than others.  When a student demonstrates academic challenges, our teachers and administrators collaborate with parents to develop a plan of action.  The plan includes implementation of strategies to enhance student success.


Our program is designed to meet the diverse learning needs of all of our students.  Eligible students receive interventions and accommodations specifically selected to enhance his/her learning experience including: individual and small group instruction; peer mentor assistance; printed teacher notes; extended time; preferential seating; differentiated assignments; oral administration of tests; computer-based instruction; and behavior modification plans.

The Student Support Services program at Saint Joseph Catholic School includes a special education teacher and an assistant who work with students, parents, and teachers to aid students with an assistance plan in attaining success.  This program includes students receiving scholarships through Exceptional SC.  The teachers in the program assist any student who requires accommodations to find success in the general education classroom.  In order to accommodate the needs of all students at all stages of learning, we will limit the number of students who receive these services.  This limit will vary by grade level and slots will be filled on a first come, first served basis.


Saint Joseph School is committed to growing each child to their fullest potential as we develop the next generation of Catholic leaders. Our program firmly believes in the words spoken by George Evans “Every student can learn. Just not on the same day or in the same way.”  Should you have further questions about our program, please contact our Director of Support Services, Mrs. Stacy Carns

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