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Welcome to Saint Joseph Catholic School


It is our belief as Christians that the family is the basis and chief influence in the lives of children.


Parents are the primary educators of their children and are helped in this responsibility by the school. A true Christian community can only be achieved with the mutual cooperation of the home, the school, and the Church.


Catholic School of Acceptance, Trust, and Love


Saint Joseph Catholic School believes that the school should provide an atmosphere of acceptance, trust, and love, which will help facilitate the children’s growth into mature Christians. It is believed that with this background children will be able to take full part in the Church and world community in joyful service to others according to the Message of Christ.


Imitation of Jesus Christ


As Christians, we are called to the imitation of Jesus Christ. All children should be encouraged to develop a satisfactory sense of self, their talents and limitations, and Gospel values. From this will flow a respect for all of God’s creatures and the recognition of our own personal accountability to one another and self.


We believe that the Church, the school, and the family expect the children to receive a high-quality academic education. Varieties of educational techniques challenge and actively involve students in reaching their individual potential. The academic curriculum emphasizes teaching children the life skills needed to adapt to change, cope with pressures, work cooperatively in groups, and develop guiding values to help them in their growth to maturity.


The Saint Joseph Catholic School Promise


Saint Joseph Catholic School has made a promise to our students and their families to provide an education that is academically challenging and addresses the needs of the whole child.

Saint Joseph Catholic School has also made a promise to our students and their families to live by core values that help build character and remind us to live our faith. Saint Joseph Catholic School strives to create an environment where:


Learning is Innovative

Family is Nurtured

Safety is Paramount

Tradition is Celebrated

Christ is Present



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Feel free to contact Saint Joseph Catholic School or call (803) 254-6736 with any questions or to request/schedule a tour of the school.

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