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4K Parent Testimonials


I can NOT say enough about the 4K program and the biggest REGRET we have with Reese and Banks is not sending them in 4K! They both started in 5K- which was also fantastic! The phonics program, the letter focus on both upper and lowercase  letters one week at a time and the community—those 3 things fill my confidence in the program as well as affirm my belief in small classes with lots of support.  Brittany Wingo

When seeking out a school for our oldest daughter, Harper, Saint Joseph’s Catholic School was on the list mainly because it’s where we attend church. It was one of several schools we planned to visit, but as soon as we did – we knew it was a family that we wanted to be a part of. Saint Joseph’s has created a warm, loving, and safe environment where kids really get excited about learning. This year, Harper has learned and retained so many new things thanks to the creative, hands-on activities that her teachers prepare each week. The decision to entrust Saint Joseph’s Catholic School with our children’s education is one we do not regret! – Elizabeth Reardon


We are a military family, so we move frequently and don't always know what's in store for us when it comes to schools. Sending our son to St. Joe's was a wonderful experience, and we were prepared to make a lot of sacrifices to afford the tuition. He loved school, became excited about being Catholic, had wonderful friends, and was reading by the end of pre-school. His teacher was pure magic. The school was such a great fit for our family that I broke down in tears in the front office when I had to pull my son out for yet another military move. The whole staff was positive and energetic about learning, and they were personally supportive of us through deployments. The only negative I can come up with is that it ruined us for every other school. – Former parent Trulia review



I chose St. Joseph's for two reasons. First, I wanted the Catholic faith to be an integral part of Charlie's life. I love her learning the prayers and the patience needed to sit through Mass! Second, I knew the numbers showed Catholic schools to be superior in testing...meaning that I could count on her gaining the knowledge she needed in all of her subjects.  – Megan McCoy

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