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For Parents


Safety is paramount, so please follow the guidelines below. They have been developed with you and your child(ren) in mind:

Morning Drop-Off — Again, your child may never be dropped off before 7:30 a.m., as we will not offer supervision until that time.

Morning Carpool — In the morning, everyone enters from the Devine Street entrance by circling behind the school. You will come up Bonham Street, make a right at the light on Devine, and take a right into the school. DO NOT make a left turn into the front driveway from Devine Street. Please do not walk your child into school unless it is absolutely necessary.

Carpool Pick-Up — If you are sending someone to pick-up your child other than your regular driver, you must send a note to the office. You can send it via your child(ren) to their homeroom teacher or come by and drop it off at the front office.

K4 Early Bird Pick-Up — If your child(ren) will be leaving at noon, please just line up in front of the school (pull up to the yellow line) and wait in your car. A faculty member will bring your child(ren) to you.

Afternoon Carpool - In the afternoon, if you are picking up one child, you will enter through the back gates of the school. If you are picking up multiple children, you will enter from Devine Street, again by circling behind the school. For the safety of all of our children, PLEASE do not use your cell phone when the carpool line is moving. Also, place a sign with your last name on it in the passenger-side window of your car. Detailed information regarding carpool procedures will be shared with you at the “New Parent Orientation.”

Young children needing assistance with carpool — Our school personnel is not allowed to assist you with fastening your child(ren) into your car. So, please be sure you are prepared to help your little one(s) buckle up. We want them to be safe!

Parking after 2:00 p.m. — Please do not park in the parking places located in the front drive-through area after 2:00 p.m. The afternoon carpool line begins to form at that time, and you could find yourself unable to move until the line clears after 3:00 p.m.

Parking on the Curb — Please do not park on the curb located where the carpool line.

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