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Formative Assessment

Over the last several years, Saint Joseph School, as part of the mid-state region of the Diocese of Charleston (a region consisting of thirteen Diocesan Schools--10 elementary and 2 secondary), has worked on the following goals:

  • Teachers will develop and use formative assessment strategies, collaboratively, to improve individual student learning of intended instructional outcomes. 
  • Students will exhibit ongoing academic growth as a result of the application of enhanced formative assessment strategies in the classroom.

Throughout the course of study, teachers will utilize a variety of formative assessment strategies to monitor learning of material in the classroom. These assessments are not graded assessments but are methods used to gauge understanding and attainment of learning objectives. Your child’s teacher can share with you his/her techniques of formative assessment. Some types of assessment are:

  • Signaling—asking the class a general question to indicate understanding of material being taught (“Raise your hand, if you understand how to do this problem?”)
  • Exit Slip—“Write three things you learned today and leave the slip in the basket on your way out of the classroom.”
  • Worksheets
  • Pre-tests

It is our hope that these and other formative assessment strategies will result in creating life-long learners who are capable of assessing and monitoring their own learning throughout their lives.

For more information on Formative Assessment, you may click HERE to read an informative article from the ASCD.

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