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At Saint Joseph School, we use a variety of testing strategies to insure that we are meeting the needs of our children, and that we are attaining curriculum aims as set forth by the Diocese of Charleston and the State of SC Department of Education. Different testing techniques are used in the classrooms weekly to assess student learning; in the fall our students in grades one through six take the CogAT and ITBS standardized testing; and throughout the year, student learning is assessed through formative assessment techniques.

Teachers prepare students for their tests and quizzes by providing them with class notes and study guides. Study guides are sent home with your child at least three days before the test is to be given. These study guides should provide parents with a way to assist their child in studying. Your child’s teacher will be able to provide parents with some specific techniques for study if necessary.

For the ITBS standardized testing, there is no studying necessary, but it is imperative that children are provided with what is necessary to make them the most successful on these testing dates: a good night’s rest, a healthy breakfast each morning, and a stable routine at home. It is important that children arrive at school on time during testing week and that medical appointments not be scheduled for the week of standardized testing. The dates of ITBS testing can be found on the school calendar.

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