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Special Assistance


Saint Joseph Catholic School believes that every child has tremendous learning potential. We also know that children have different strengths and we. Teachers recognize when a child needs reinforcement. This reinforcement is provided in a variety of ways. Teachers will meet with students individually and in small groups throughout the day and/or after school. Teaching assistants are in the classrooms to provide support and reinforcement when needed.

Math Lab: The math lab is open Monday through Thursday before school. Students are encouraged to go to the math lab whenever possible. The teacher in charge of the math lab coordinates with the grade level teacher to develop individualized instruction and goals for each student. The math lab provides an opportunity to develop and reinforce math skills through manipulatives, games and hands on activities.

Guidance: The guidance counselor provides additional support through study skills lesson in the classroom, in small groups and individually. Students are able to set goals, identify their learning styles and choose learning techniques and strategies that work best for them.

Effective Communication: Communication between parents and teachers is always encouraged. Teachers will notify parents when they have specific concerns and parents are always encouraged to contact teachers when they have concerns.

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