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Math Lab

The Math Enrichment room is coordinated by Mrs. Karen Tucker. Mrs. Tucker is certified in Elementary Education and is an experienced Math teacher.

The Math Enrichment room, officially established in 2008, is available Monday – Thursday from 7:30 a.m. – 7:55 a.m. The program is located in the Science lab which located in the Rowland Education building. The main mission of this program is to foster a love of Mathematics through exploration and enjoyable activities. This informal environment creates a stress-free opportunity to either receive extra help or to explore mathematical concepts through games and manipulatives.

Students in all grade levels are welcome and encouraged to visit the Math Enrichment room. Students can visit for both enrichment and remediation. Some children visit at the suggestion of a teacher or due to a need for “extra help”, while others visit simply for the fun of it. Regardless the reason, all students are welcome at any time.

There are a variety of activities available to the students. There are manipulatives available to the students for a “hands-on” approach to various concepts. We also use games to reinforce math facts. There are games the students can play individually as well as with a partner or small group. Sometimes the sixth graders, particularly those enrolled in Pre-Algebra, like to help facilitate the games for the younger students. Some examples of games are Math Bingo, Build & Block, Smath, and more!

The Math Enrichment room can provide your child with a fun and informal atmosphere to explore math and gain confidence in his or her math talents. Please visit us!

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