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Field Trips

Student field trips are an integral part of the Saint Joseph School curriculum that help the children gain firsthand knowledge of the subject matter away from the classroom. Each year, the faculty reviews the curriculum along with the upcoming calendar of events in the state and surrounding areas to identify those field trips that will be most effective in enriching the children’s classroom experience. All of the field trips at Saint Joseph School are funded by the PTO. Parents must provide a signed release form for each of the corresponding field trips. These forms will be provided to the parents by the teacher prior to each field trip. Contact St. Joseph Catholic School or call 803.254.6736 for more information.

Engaging Catholic School Field Trips

While many of the field trips have become a tradition, such as the first grade’s trip to the Veteran’s Day Parade, others change according to the calendar of events that are offered during the school year. During the past several years, our students at each grade level have been able to enjoy a variety of hands-on learning experiences away from the classroom.

St. Joseph Catholic School Field Trips

Following is a quick glimpse at a few of the many places our students have visited:
K4 —
  1. Piggly Wiggly/Earth Fare
  2. Sims Park
K5 —
  1. EdVenture
  2. Riverbanks Zoo and Botanical Garden
  3. Various Arts/Music Performances
1st Grade —
  1. Children’s Hospital & The Columbia Fire Museum
  2. Veteran’s Day Parade
  3. Columbia Museum of Art
  4. Richland Memorial Hospital
  5. Heathwood Park 
2nd Grade —
  1. McEntire Air Force Base
  2. SC Acquarium/Charleston Tea Plantation
  3. Koger Center Performances
  4. Challenger Learning Center
  5. Riverbanks Zoo
  6. South Carolina State Museum
3rd Grade —
  1. Lexington County Museum
  2. Historic Brattonsville
  3. Confederate Relic Room at the State Museum
  4. Saluda Shoals Park
  5. Francis Biedler Forest (Harleyville, SC)
4th Grade —
  1. South Carolina Military Museum
  2. Koger Center Performance
  3. Discovery Place
  4. State House Tour
  5. Robert Mills House for Storytelling
  6. Farmers Market Tour
5th Grade —
  1. McEntire AFB STARBASE Program
  2. USC Arboretum
  3. Myrtle Beach Aquarium
6th Grade —
1.     Barrier Island (Spring)
2.     Team Building Summit (Fall)
3.     *If available: Production of that year's class play (Spring)
4.     Cardinal Newman School



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