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General Music

Welcome to the general music page for St. Joseph School! We offer many exciting opportunities for our students. The following paragraphs describe some of opportunities.

Students in grades one through six meet for music once each week. Students in K4 and K5 meet twice each week for music. Each music class includes activities in which students are singing, chanting and moving. We not only learn “about” music, but we “do” music; music becomes a verb in our music classes! Students listen to and sing songs in a variety of tonalities and meters from all over the world. We also learn about and play music games from this country and other countries. Students in grade one through six also learn to perform on a variety of percussion instruments in addition to Orff instruments. The Orff instruments are a collection of pitched percussion instruments that include a variety of glockenspiels, xylophones and metallophones. Students will often learn to sing a harmony part for a song and they will then learn how to perform that same harmony part on the instruments.

All students participate in a Christmas program each December. Each grade sings and, often, performs on the Orff instruments mentioned above. This is an exciting event for everyone! Students who are learning to play an instrument also present a spring concert every year. They receive a chance to show off their new skills for all of their family and friends.

In addition to the regular music classes, Saint Joseph School also offers other performance opportunities for students. These opportunities include Cantor Chorus and Band. The descriptions for each are listed below.

The Music curriculum for the Diocese of Charleston is available on the Diocesan website.

Cantor Chorus

Students in fifth and sixth grades may volunteer to serve as cantors for our weekly school Masses. Those students who volunteer for this service are automatically in our Cantor Chorus. This group represents our school by performing at our Grandparents Day Mass, the Ecumenical Prayer Service and our regional spring concert at St. Martin DePorres Church. This is a fantastic opportunity for those students who love to sing and would like an opportunity to serve in the church in this capacity.


Students in grades four through six may choose to play a band instrument. These classes meet during the school day on in the afternoons. In addition to meeting twice weekly to learn to play an instrument, the band also performs at our annual Christmas program, a spring program, and an occasional Mass. Please contact Drew Loeffler at with any questions.


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