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How to Apply

How to Apply

For those families who are interested in enrolling children in the school, an application package will be mailed from the school office upon request. Registration for Saint Joseph Catholic school takes place during the month of February. School tours are conducted throughout the year. Typically, school registration ends February 28, but applications for registration are accepted year-round as long as there is space available and conditions are favorable for enrollment. Late registrations incur a $50.00 late fee. We welcome inquiries to the school at any time. Feel free to contact Saint Joseph Catholic School or call 803.254.6736.

Requirements for application St. Joseph Catholic School:

  1. Completion of the Application
  2. $150.00 registration fee (per family)
  3. Official Birth Certificate for child(ren) being registered
  4. Official Baptismal Certificate (for Catholic students)
  5. SC DHEC Immunization Record form for child(ren) being registered

Saint Joseph Catholic School Post Application Process

  • Once applications have been received, records from the child’s previous school will be requested by our school office.
  • For students in grade K4-1, applications are accepted based upon open availability in classrooms. In most cases, students in grades 2-6 must meet with the principal prior to acceptance and take placement testing in mathematics and English/Language Arts.
  • Acceptance letters are sent out in April.

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