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Saint Joseph School Catholic Admissions Policies

New Saint Joseph School Students

Interested in applying? Take a look at the page on how to apply to Saint Joseph Catholic School. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us or call 803.254.6736.

Families of children who seek application to Saint Joseph Catholic School will be notified by mail, as well as by way of church bulletins, to the period of application for the coming school year. An application package will be mailed from the school office upon request. Registration for school takes place during the months of January - March. Tours are conducted throughout the year.

Kindergarten-First Grade at Saint Joseph School

An applicant for Saint Joseph Catholic School 4 year-old kindergarten (K4) must be four years of age on or before September 1. A new applicant for 5 year-old kindergarten (K5) must be five years of age on or before September 1. A new applicant for Saint Joseph Catholic School first grade must be six years old on or before September 1 as required by state law.

After all application requirements have been completed, students are accepted into Saint Joseph Catholic School in this order:

  • Siblings of students currently attending Saint Joseph Catholic School.
  • Children of registered and regular contributing parishioners of Saint Joseph Parish.
  • Children of registered and regular contributing parishioners of neighboring Catholic parishes.
  • Children of non-Catholic families.

Catholic School Student Evaluation Periods

It is a policy of Saint Joseph Catholic School that all new students in grades 2-6 are accepted on a probationary basis. At the end of the first marking period, academic progress and cooperation with the school program will be evaluated by the principal, parents/guardians, teachers and student.

In January, a similar evaluation will be conducted. If the student is cooperating with and benefiting from the school program the probationary period ends.

If a third quarter is needed to determine the result of the probationary period the time will be provided. However, the probationary period will not extend beyond the third quarter of the school year.

Returning Saint Joseph Catholic School Students

Each February, currently enrolled students will be given the opportunity to reenroll for the following school year. A registration packet will be sent home for each family to complete and return by the due date to ensure a spot for the next school year.

Saint Joseph Catholic School Confirmed Enrollment

In the summer, a final enrollment package is mailed to each family containing all information necessary for the start of the year. This enrollment package is to be completed and returned to the office by the required date.

For newly enrolled students it is mandatory that the following grade level materials/forms, be submitted by the parent/guardian on or before the the deadline. Admission is not final until all of the following steps are completed and accepted:

  • Baptismal Certificate, Birth Certificate, SC Cumulative School Health Record and a South Carolina Certificate of Immunization. Please contact your pediatrician for new immunization regulations.
  • Appropriate reporting of student testing and academic records.
  • Declaration of student's special education, psychological, and/or medical needs (if any) by parents/guardians.

Saint Joseph Catholic Preschool (K4 and K5)

Our preschool class has been designed to help prepare the young child to enter the school system at a level of age and maturity where the child can most benefit in an academic/social setting. Children entering K4 MUST BE TOILET TRAINED.

As children mature at varied levels and times the administration and preschool staff of Saint Joseph Catholic School pay close attention to each child's development and readiness for school. If a child appears/demonstrates that he/she is not ready for a school environment the teacher, guidance counselor and principal will meet with parents/guardians to develop a workable plan to help the child become more adapted to school life.

If by the end of the first quarter of the school year the preschool child has not adapted to the routine of school and/or the preschool program, the parents/guardians will be advised to allow the child to wait until the next school year before entering the Saint Joseph Catholic School preschool program.

Saint Joseph Catholic School Special Needs

Saint Joseph Catholic School is aware that some children have been diagnosed to have special needs. It is the parent’s/guardian’s responsibility to provide documentation by a certified medical professional to the principal prior to registration, regarding personal conditions, which may require special services by the school. At that time, the school administration and guidance staff will formulate an Assistance Plan, which offers reasonable accommodations for the student. The parents/guardians may choose to accept the plan or to enroll their child at another school, which has more in-depth programs.

These cases will be evaluated on these two perspectives: the educational standards of the school and the school's financial ability to provide the service. 

Feel free to contact Saint Joseph Catholic School or call (803)254-6736 with any questions or concerns.

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